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This is a page where we will post our own 'helpful hints' as well as those we receive from friends, family, site visitors and clients. Please email us with something you'd like to add. We will try to keep this information in alphabetical order, so give us a good specific key word or two. We'll make sure it's easy to find.

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The Best Way To....

Cotton (whiten/get stains out)- Spray with hydrogen peroxide and leave out in the sun.

White Rings on your wood? - Use an iron set on medium and a towel. Iron the towel where the rings are.

To Clean Your Deck Enclosures (the plastic)- Do not use furniture polish- it turns it yellow over time. TNT Marine Canvas recommends 303 Aerospace from 303products.com It cleans, polishes and protects your yacht enclosures. And one bottle goes a long way!!

Ancient Maritime Lessons:

'Red sky at night, Sailor's delight,
Red sky in the morning,
Sailor take warning.'


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